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Regime Strategic Intent Central Intelligence Agency

All but two of Iraqs provinces in 1991 were in open revolt and the Regime was worried. The money and the weapons will be in an area outside Europe and the USA.

These samples were analyzed by laboratories designated by the Special Commission, which detected the presence of degradation products of nerve agents, in particular VX, on a number of warhead remnants. The intelligence services collected foreign intelligence and relayed the raw reporting to Saddam via his presidential secretary. Tariq Aziz, in a carefully scripted early August performance, demanded that unscom Executive Chairman Richard Butler report to the Security Council that Iraq had met its disarmament obligation, but Butler refused to.

Accordingly, Iraq entered into lucrative oil exploration and exploitation contracts. Najah the same night and directed Najah to meet his convoy of trucks containing the aluminum and steel at the SRG office in Amiriyah. He asked ad hoc questions about feasibility of reconstituting programs and confined his confidences to hinting that Iraq might reconstitute WMD after sanctions.