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In Guyana they are known as " Crush Ice " or " Snow Cone " and are topped with condensed milk. In Miami, granizados are often sold in conjunction with other frozen confections in ice cream trucks and stands throughout the city.

For the Hawaiian shave ice dessert, see shave ice. Here is another shaved Asian pussy continuing the theme from the last few posts. Japan Kakigri Korea Patbingsu Mexico Raspado, Yuki (only in northern Mexico ) Nicaragua Raspado Peru Raspadilla Philippines Halo halo Puerto Rico Piragua Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia Ais/Es kacang Pakistan, Baraf ka Gola Panama Raspao, often topped with sweetened condensed milk. Among them are young coconut that has been soaked in coconut milk, black sticky rice, chestnuts, sweetened taro, red beans, sarim (thin strands of rice flour that is chewy and slippery) and many more.

Anyway, just doing our part to end a stupid stereotype with some bald Asian pussy. 3 Raspar is Spanish for "scrape hence raspado means "scraped referring to the ice. But by then Shave Ice Snow cones had become immensely popular and part of Hawaiian culture.