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He also failed to keep appointments with patients or keep accurate medical charts. Because that much money should simply not be around at much money has a mind of its own. Milam died in 1980.) After a good bit of detective work, I managed to track down Carolyn Bryant, only to be told by a man who identified himself as her son that he would kill me if I ever tried to contact his mother. A strikingly handsome man, with olive skin, brown eyes, and a thick shock of dark, wavy hair swept back from a widow's peak, Scheffey had a soft voice, a Texas accent, and a warm, engaging manner.

"Guerra didn't want to stir this up again says retired McAllen detective Sonny Miller. She rented him a Cadillac.

It was a Friday. When he returned, he claimed the ATM wasn't working; he'd pay them en he drove the women back to the Days Inn. And only a few of those women rob more than a bank or two before they quit or get caught. Then he saw Ames using a cell phone.