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Then the good guys kill all the bad guys. It seems the only way to browse their videos is by the date they were added to the catalog - not very helpful. She has a killer body. It works pretty well if you have your browser's translate option activated, and in the end it leads you directly to a (very big) direct download (no waiting around for a DVD).

She concluded that I was coming down with the flu and, despite my protests, send me promptly to bed. Tuesday, August 17th :30:46 AM Name: YikYakker Homepage URL: m/ Glad to see that our friend Covers is on the mend. The first half of The Bushwhacker is abysmal.

As the main titles went over the screen, I could see that this was going to be a B-movie with low production values. And finally, the first gimp related item I ever cut out and saved (I think I was in the second grade) was a Sunday newspaper strip from Stan Drake's "Secret Heart of Juliet Jones". The Black Scorpion TV series should have had some gimpage, but never came through. Stay well all Friday, August 27th :34:42 AM Name: jhlipton E-mail address: Eda: jhlipton wrote re the film eaten alive: Not only are the girls dismembered, they are raped by evil cultists just before being caught by the cannibals.