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Tag to all that lollipop jive: a parmesan love relationship, deliciously awful lines like You fool! Les spectateurs ont donn une note de trois sur cinq avec 2,235 votes. Sam Firstenberg served up a serviceable show with a strong axis towards making his horror scenes as horror as possible while showing off the fight sequences in all of its ping-pow-ping glory.

Last I checked my B-Movie Bibletheres nothing wrong with that! Ninja III: The Domination is a 1984 American action movie about a woman (Lucinda Dickey) who becomes possessd by the spirit of an evil ninja. Seeing all of those elements in a Ninja movie was a freaking gut-buster!

We get lots of face slashing, bloody cuts, ninja stars and arrows doing their gruesome damage. So many mooks kicked the bucket in this movie, it was almost ridiculous! I AM THE black ninja, christie IS free THE black ninja soul departs.