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9 : 179180 A colonoscopy or sigmoidoscopy are forms of endoscopy that use a guided camera to view the rectum. With an anorectal malformation, several problems can occur.

Anal dilations may need to be done to help with any narrowing of the anal passage. Muscles in the anal area help to control when you have a bowel movement. The nerves also stimulate muscle activity. Call your childs healthcare provider right away if an anorectal malformation was not found in the hospital but your child: Passes stool from her vagina Passes urine from the anus Has constipation If your baby does not pass stool, it is a medical emergency.

Davidson's principles and practice of medicine. If your child has a more complex type of anorectal malformation, he or she may need to take part in a bowel management program. These include: The anal passage may be narrow. Down syndrome, townes-Brocks syndrome.