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What is, copper Strip Corrosion?

Suspended Water, if you see spots or specks on the copper strip that is indicative of the presence of water, having to filter the sample and repeat the analysis. Laboratory methods, historically during the determination of the corrosiveness of fuels, it was observed that the copper strip exhibited a number of different colors.

Causes AND remedies OF THE test OF copper strip. Copper Strip Corrosion Test Bomb, precision machined stainless steel bomb inserts in copper corrosion bath for testing aviation fuels and natural gasoline. Appearance, base Oil, slight Tarnish, bunker Fuel, dark Tarnish. A 1/8 groove in the bomb threads permits safe, gradual release of pressure when opening the bomb.

Astm D130 - 18, standard Test Method for Corrosiveness to Copper from Petroleum Products by Copper Strip Test. For aviation fuels and natural gasoline the sample tube is placed inside a stainless steel bomb during testing.