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Big, Stupid Doodoo-Head - TV Tropes

The 2015 reboot scuttles all that from the outset when Penfoldlooking for a place to relieve himselfaccidentally causes a sentient toilet named "Loo-cifer" to turn malevolent. The episode "Drew Blows His Promotion" of The Drew Carey Show actually uses this trope very cleverly. Homestar stars laughing, with Strong Mad and Homsar joining.

A fanfic exists in which the protagonist calls his opponent's defence "utter cow-skite" in the middle of a deadly serious argument, and two sentences later casually drops the word "fuck". A yokai makes his crush Katie repeatedly state this, once in front of his class and once in front of her friends. The comedy in the Wario series in general, spun off from the Mario series, is made up of an extensive combination of toilet humor and just inexplicably random jokes.

Oh this is richso rich it gives me gas! Poor Darel doesn't get the keys until after Nogo finishes using the bathroom.