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They may even site their very similar nests within a few metres of each other. The body is slender, with a very narrow waist. If stings are multiple, a more severe systemic reaction may occur. Of these, about 50 will be under construction around the edge of the bell, and up to a third of the remaining cells in use may be sealed over by the pupae within.

Paper wasps, paper wasps are generally smaller than German and common wasps. It is possible that there may be two classes of females. Disclaimer: Any product names mentioned above are not an endorsement nor are they a criticism of similar products not mentioned.

Feeding and Diet, the adult paper wasps catch caterpillars to feed the larvae, but the adults themselves feed on nectar. The attachment mesh is drawn together over and around the last pair of abdominal legs to make a short, stiff suspension rope which the pupa will use after shedding its striped body stocking for the last time. Nests on Department of Conservation (DOC) land should be reported to the nearest DOC office or visitor centre.