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Instant Sedation : The Cleaner uses chloroform to do this to anyone instantly. Also in multiplayer, whoever picks up the Trauma Kit equipment becomes this for the team, as it allows them to both heal allies and revive dead players instantly. The Guards Must Be Crazy : The AI isn't exactly dumb, but it has the standard stealth game limitations that the game would be impossible without.

V-Formation Team Shot : As demonstrated by the cover above. Video Removed Undo, anna getting her hair fixed, video Removed Undo. That means you can use it to open a safe, steal from an ATM, bypass security scanner doors, disable laser beams, break into cars, or even hack computers. The Cleaner will only put enemies to sleep temporarily.

Add to Ähnliche Videos, empfohlene Videos, premium HD, vorschaubilder. Verbal Tic : The Gentleman uses French phrases in his dialogue more than any other character. The Fellowship Has Ended : An evil version, the Epilogue mission is a multiplayer-only mission where the players kill each other and escape with money.