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Text Processing Alternatives The ideal way of generating fully formatted text files and documents is to use ImageMagick as part of a larger image and text processing system. This avoids the need for any pre-processing of the text, just watch out for any final newlines. Basically it will add or subtract this many pixels between the individual lines of text. The text data was converted using "a2ps then IM was used to convert this to an image.

Pango is is not meant to be a whole scale text page formatting engine. Auto Sized using 'Undercolor Box' Rather than using a " label: " image, you can draw the font on a large canvas using an Undercolor Box and a large stroke width, before trimming the canvas to fit.

Echo " Hello Cruel World " convert -background white -undercolor lightblue -fill blue -pointsize 18 text:- -trim repage -bordercolor white -border 3 text_f The extra space at bottom of the text is a result of the last 'newline' character. To see the fonts loaded use convert -list font It lists "Path of the type file each font list was found in, but the paths are listed in reverse order, with system fonts at the end.