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Deer, antlers and Dogs: Why You Should Give Your Dog

Humane- Antlers are naturally shed from animals and cause no harm to them. Be sure to have a plan in place to get the antler away, like a piece of meat, cheese, or peanut butter. Binocular, when going on an antler shed hunt, it is important to be equipped with a great binocular since you would want to be able to find an antler even from a distance.

If it is too cold, the water might be lacking in certain places since they have turned to ice, which makes it important to find a great source of drinking water. Go Get Some Elk Antlers Today! Research suggests that it improves the strength of your knees. Bongo with slightly spiraled and smooth horns.

4.9 (98.26) 23 votes, if you find yourself in the midst of deer territory in the first quarter of the month, you may be surprised to find several deer antlers on the ground. The larger the antlers, the better since hunters would take pride in acquiring them.