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This ensures the temperature on the side of the wall away from the flame does not reach the flash point of any materials on that side of the wall. Engineers try to avoid having these services pass through fire and smoke barriers, but it is usually impossible.

The L-Rating is an optional test under ansi/UL 1479 ( Fire Tests of Through- Penetration Firestops ) so assemblies may not receive an L-Rating. Fire, resistance of Perimeter, fire, barrier Systems Using Intermediate-Scale, Multi-story Test Apparatus. A contractor might use the second method when the entire cable tray passes through a wall opening.

The current standard used to test these systems. However, penetrations are not required to be identified or labeled. The UL Listing Numbers format, as it appears in the UL Directory, includes two-letter designations followed by a numeric grouping. The contractor must also provides a large-enough penetration for the expected cable loading, fire -stop materials and future growth requirements.