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The House - Park View - Washington, DC, yelp

We don't have any Chinese officers, and they're very close-mouthed." A trend noted by area police and the Polaris Project is gang involvement in the sex industry. Instead of being scattered, the gay clubs are in one locationoff South Capitol Street, Southeast, in cavernous warehouses.

The conditions are horrible, and you have a much higher frequency of child trafficking. The six largest markets, Spencer says, are Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Miami/Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles. Wilbur Mills met Fanne Foxe at the Silver Slipper on 13th Street.

On the streets Frundt had to make 500 before she could come in for the night. They advertise by word of mouth. "You take your clothes off, please." I give her three twenties, strip down to my boxers, and lie on the table on my stomach.