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Can orgasms increase your fertility?

False: Infertile people are sick of being told that not getting pregnant is all in your head, and for good reason: its not true. Drinking alcohol in moderation wont hurt your fertility. Previous studies found that immune system changes occur during pregnancy, after childbirth and across the menstrual cycle, but this is the first research to show that sexual activity affects immune function, the researchers said. Unfortunately, theres no evidence that any of these methods have any effect on your babys sex.

You should have sex every day to boost your fertility. It also cleans out older sperm and replaces it with newer cells, which research suggests are less damaged and have better motility. If you have sex early in your fertile window, the baby will be a boy; have sex later to conceive a girl.

On the other hand, it sort of goes without saying that its pretty important for your partner to have an orgasm if youre trying to make a baby! But for the rest of the month its not a problem. That means they dont need your-or gravitys-help to get there.