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If this happens to you, you re masturbating too much - New York Post

Take a minute to think about whether or not you think masturbation is fundamentally wrong. Masturbation isn't about not wanting your partner; it's about taking care of yourself in one of the many ways we should be caring for ourselves every day. Now, I understand that each couple has their own boundaries about what is and isnt cheating, but masturbation should not be on that list. Masturbation is a healthy part of sexuality, so if your partner is masturbating, it means that everything is in working order.

More than thatits good for. (Unfortunately, little research exists about the relationship between mens self-esteem and masturbation habits.) And according to Andelloux, masturbation can be a self-soothing behavior that calms down our minds gets us in touch with our bodies, and gives us time.

Some people describe masturbation as equivalent to scratching an itch, whereas partnered sex has a lot to do with connection, intimacy, and physical contact. Author Photo by: Steph Grant, m, happy National Masturbation Month! In my experience, healthy, happy peoplepeople in good relationships, people with good sex livesmasturbate.