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Does the rooster impregnate hen with sperm

With farm-fresh eggs obtained from a smaller flock, it is likely that almost every egg is potentially fertile. About 7-9 days before ovulation, hormones cause an ovum to develop in sequence to a yolk.

Since lower-status roosters don't get the first shot at the hens, for this reason alone, their sperm are more likely to be ejected, Pizzari explained. When mating with a series of roosters, hens ejected more semen from the later mates. A new study has shown that, during an average ejection, a hen jettisons 80 percent of the sperm a rooster deposits in her reproductive tract. Follow LiveScience for the latest in science news and discoveries on Twitter @livescience and on, facebook.

But don't worry: the embryo is usually a mere speck on the yolk, and stops growing when the egg is refrigerated. In the isthmus, the shell membranes are laid down.