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Use light tapping motions if this area is very sensitive. Jaw pain or tension can be felt on one or both sides of your face and can also affect your nose, mouth, and ears. However, when we tense our body we can feed into the emotion of anxiety. That being said, its not always easy to remember to scan our body and check for tension, but here are some ways you can remember to.

Its important that you find out and treat what is causing the tension. Wear comfortable clothing, let your hair loose, dim the lights, and play meditative music.

You may have misalignments in your neck, head, or jaw. Relaxed sleep is far different to sleep brought on by exhaustion. Sometimes we find that when we focus on our body sensations such as a knotted stomach or cramped feeling shoulders and neck, we can relax them and release the tension. Mindful breathing slowly relieves the tension, and it allows new emotional states to appear.