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Inter-collegiate association of amateur, constitution

As the member of the organising committee, the known photo-master Nikolay Marochkin informs, more than 250 photos from 26 authors were received at the competition. Karl Menning, its artistic director from 19, formed the new troupe on the then novel principles of ensemble acting and psychological realism. The Vanemuine held a leading position during the amateur phase of Estonian theatre, being usually the place where new native plays were first staged. Weber, was produced in 1883 and it is considered to be the beginning of Estonian music theatre.

In 1906 it was the first Estonian company to turn professional, and its new building, a symbol of national aspirations, was opened with great pomp and circumstance. The Vanemuine Cultural Society was founded in Tartu. Ird was also far-sighted enough to support the iconoclastic approaches of the young directors Jaan Tooming and Evald Hermaküla, both working in the Vanemuine of the early 1970s.

In the battles of 1944 the Vanemuine theatre house caught fire from an artillery bomb and burnt down. In 1939 the first dance performance, The Carnival Suite by Tchaikovsky, was staged by Ida Urbel. It was born in 1870 within an amateur singing and acting society in the old university centre Tartu, which at present has ca 100,000 inhabitants and is the second-largest city in the country.