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Advanced Facial Rig in Maya 2018 - VFX-learning

Over 9 Million Digital Assets, everything you need for your next creative project. This tool works on maya 2013 or higher. Duration : 6 hr, volume :.8 GB, quality : Full.

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Professional N-Facial Rig in Maya, professional tool for rigging real and fantasy is tool is based on maya muscle and contains High power and control in various parts of any faces. Categories: Maya Tutorials, Rigging, tags: 3d, 3dartist, Add Attribute, animation, Arnold, art, artist, biped, BlendShape, Clean Rig, Control Face, Corrective, Create Joint, crowd, dop, dynamic, effect, effects, facial rig, flip, fx, geometry, head skin, Houdini, Houdini FX, lava, learning, mantra, material.