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Invasion USA: Asian Carp, invaders Have Taken the

"Asian Carp - Rep. The Illinois Chamber of Commerce and American Waterways Operators both sided with Illinois in the lawsuit, filing affidavits ( amicus briefs) and arguing that closing the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal would upset the movement of millions.

Two million eggs from one fish could fill two jars of caviar, which would be quite valuable. When the first succeeded, then the rains would begin to fall. Stopping these invasive carp from spreading into Lake Erie is another concern to many involved, as Lake Erie provides the ideal habitat for the carp to survive.

The Carp Must Die in BusinessWeek, February 16, 2012 Great Lakes states sue to stop Asian carp invasion in The Capital Times, Koel, Todd.; Kevin. Both European and Asian subspecies have been domesticated. Senate and House introduced new bills aimed at combating the spread of Asian carp into the Great Lakes by expediting some items of the Stop Asian Carp Act of 2011. The result was published in October and scientists will retest in May, 2014.