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I would like the font to be like Suicide Silence or The Black Dahlia Murder thanks. Plot Keywords: plastic bubble slapstick comedy fish out of water niagara falls wedding, see All (29) taglines: Life is an adventure.

And if possible (should it be a non standard font) where I can download it? See all certifications parents Guide: View content advisory edit, details, country: USA, language: English, release Date: (USA). See more » Connections Version of The Boy in the Plastic Bubble (1976) See more » Soundtracks Hell on Wheels Written and Performed by Betty Blowtorch Courtesy of Food Chain Records See more » Getting Started Contributor.

What would have happened if Neil Armstrong had gone all the way to the moon and then never stepped on the surface? Hi there, can anybody help me identify the font that is written in red on this movie poster?