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You think you know. Film description: Patrick Marber's acclaimed stage drama about the romantic interactions of four people has been given a reverent screen adaptation by director and producer Mike Nichols. See more » Connections Referenced in Za scnou: Petr Zelenka (2018) See more » Soundtracks Di scriverni ogni giorno from "Cos fan tutte" Performed by Rene Fleming, Anne Sofie von Otter, Frank Lopardo, Olaf B?r, Michele Pertusi with London Voices. See more » Goofs The opening action has Dan taking Alice to the hospital, staying with her in the waiting room, and the two leaving together.

If you believe in love at first sight, you never stop looking. Trivia The film is about love, betrayal and revenge. Dan can't get Anna out of his mind even though she's married, and the two become lovers, but Dan is frustrated by the fact that Anna is reluctant to leave Larry for him. Seeing as my other video was restricted here is one that may make anyone who likes my channel happy, sorry about the music, I will try to find a better version for the future.

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