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Its important to understand that we're not trying to act as if we know everything about life, it would just be great to see more people considering things other than purely the material world.". The songs are titled titled Requiem Aeternum and Dies Irae, with a total duration of 13:12.

After completing their second album during 2002, Virgin Black played at Germany's Wave-Gotik-Treffen festival in 2003 and did a tour through the US west coast with Agalloch and Antimatter before returning to Australia and conducting a national tour. On the strength of this self-released debut, Virgin Black signed to Germany's Massacre Records for Europe and also to the.S. Adelaide by guitarist, samantha Escarbe, and vocalist and keyboards -player Rowan London. The Best of Doom Metal.

Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, choral singing, and solo singers. The first part of the trilogy, Requiem - Pianissimo, is a strictly classically-oriented album featuring the.