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The Prom, which I had never heard of before but am now dying to see. They slow dance together. The final number is an empowering group piece, and it features the two girls holding hands, slow dancing together, and kissing. Avenue Q -esque sequence occurred.

Its special because of the moment it represents, but it was treated normally by the producers and performers. One of the newer parts (and by newer, I mean the past ten years or so) is the inclusion of Broadway numbers from popular musicals, performed in front of Macys itself, which can be fun or frustrating, depending. They didnt try to cut around it, or try to minimize it in any way.

No one was nave enough to believe that there wouldnt be backlash. One of the most family-friendly traditions just became more inclusive in a huge way. Naturally, Twitter reflected some less-than-happy responses to such a moment, with others thankfully taking them to task for their nastiness and bigotry. The kiss wasnt edited out.