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Real peace would have to allow that people want different, sometimes conflicting things, and that even in abundance theres going to be things that more than one person wants at the same time. Its also directly and immediately dramatic and the stakes do not get any higher. Were genetically programmed to rise up en masse and kill each other a lot. Real, genuine, human peace would have to provide for the means to get people away from other people who are bound and determined to be jerks to them because of how they look, what they were born as or what they believe.

After that, real peace would have to provide for the fact that people are going to say things that get other people mad at them. Real peace would get people killed trying to maintain. George Takei found a number of new phone attachments and apps aimed at making formerly complicated health tests cheaper and more readily available, adding up to a smartphone physical. Part of the reason for this is that war, frankly, can make life easy for an author.

Bluebird Bio to learn about the latest in gene therapy and gene editing. In fact, were not.