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Age, ever having used oral contraceptives, and ever having used insertive sex toys were not independently associated with the presence of HPV DNA. The purpose of this article is to review current literature and identify Pap testing rates among lesbians.

But even after an HPV infection is diagnosed, there is simply no way to find out how long a particular infection has been in place, or to trace it back to a particular partner. The median number of lifetime male partners was 7, as was the median lifetime number of female partners.

Therefore, lesbians are women who have a permanent relationship with other women, have women exclusively as sexual partners, or who have self-identified as lesbians. None had genitourinary complaints at study entry. Ferenczy A, Bergeron C, Richart. Certainly, penile-vaginal sex can pass the virus along from one partner to another, but HPV can be passed through other forms of skin-to-skin contact as well.